Custom Kitchens and Bathrooms in Sydney

Custom kitchen designs and installations from professionals in Sydney.

Are you tired of checking out different new kitchen designs? Are you unable to find something suitable for you? Well, Designline Kitchens and Bathroom understands the planning and stress which goes into selecting the perfect kitchen for you. Every house needs to have a kitchen design that meets your everyday needs and therefore Designline Kitchens & Bathrooms comes to you with the best custom kitchens Sydney services.

Custom kitchens refer to customised design plans, which mean our professionals will design an entirely new kitchen according to your available space and covering all inclusions of appliances. Our company have been established in Sydney for over 15 years and strive on customer satisfaction and providing a quality finished designed kitchen. You can expect the best custom kitchen design suitable to your needs from us.

What differentiates Designline Kitchens and Bathrooms from others?

You can expect the following from us when we are working on your custom kitchen designs Sydney.

  • We start our process by meeting and understanding what is most important to you with your new kitchen. Our team will sit with you and your family to understand your needs and expectations.
  • After we have met and taken notes, we will then create designs based on your requirements and needs. You can then provide feedback and changes to ensure the perfect final custom kitchen designs Sydney is made for you.
  • We make sure that the final product of your customised kitchen design will match your expectations.

In today’s hi-tech world we are finding that more and more people need solutions for their home entertainment or home office. At Designline Kitchens and Bathrooms, we realise that there are not many off the shelf options available to fulfill our clients’ needs in these areas. That is why we have expanded our showroom to accommodate a display of “home theatre & home office solutions”.

The “home theatre room” is on just about everyone’s list of must haves when designing a new home or renovating. With so many changes in technology, home entertainment furniture needs to be custom designed to accommodate specific equipment. Designline Kitchens and Bathrooms can help you whether you need a single piece of furniture, custom cabinets, or an entire wall of furniture.

Custom Kitchen & Bathroom Designs Sydney

Many people now work from home, and we are finding that most want an area in the house dedicated to being their working environment. The home office can be as simple as a desk with file cabinets, or it can be designed to be hidden behind doors.

For a state of the art home entertainment fit out or home office, call the Sydney furniture specialists. We won’t cut corners to bring you a quality and affordable outcome. contact us today, or visit our Sydney showroom for more information.

Our services all come with installation and labour warranty, which means you have that peace of mind.  Contact us today to discuss your new custom kitchens in Sydney.